WPC sends a team to Sportsfest WA – and Wins!

Daniel Kuilenburg is a 3rd year Psychological Science student who is part of WPC in Canning Vale – Redeemer Presbyterian Church (RPC). Back in first year uni, he attended Sportsfest with some friends from Claremont Baptist Church. Sportsfest WA has over 1000 youth and young adults from over thirty churches playing sport over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in September. The games vary from standard sports like Basketball (after all, it is hosted by the Baptist Churches!) to more novel games like Bubble Soccer.

The idea floated around for a while to start a WPC team. There are other denominations that field combined church teams, so that was a natural way forward. Daniel made inquiries if there was someone to coordinate a WPC team. There wasn’t. So Dan did it. A few people at RPC had offered to help out with particular aspects. So he asked them to be on a committee to organise the whole team. It was different to other committees Dan had been involved in, as they did not meet regularly but did most of their business through electronic communication. Overall it was more work than he expected, but a great learning process.

Daniel felt dependent on God especially in the last week before the event when they had half a dozen people pull out, who all needed replacing to make teams for particular sports.
“I was originally thinking we would get maybe 30-40 people. But we ended up with about 70 plus a bunch of volunteers. It was really encouraging to see people being willing to drive all the way to Bunbury just to umpire, so that we could play.”

And play they did! What were some highlights? “It was great seeing people from all different churches getting along together, pulling together, and playing together. And of course, winning.” WPC fielded a team and won overall. Not bad for a first attempt!

Aaron Chieng also spoke on God’s grace in wanting a relationship with you no matter what you’ve done, where you are, or who you are.

So does that mean Dan will coordinate a WPC team next year? Probably.
“Sportsfest is a great event to invite non-Christian friends to. Sports is a common interest and it’s a great opportunity for people to come and see how Christians relate together, playing sport without the tension which is common. Next year I’m planning to make our team much more intentionally evangelistic.”