The Ordination of Bradley Slater in Brookton

On Sunday the 26th of May, Bradley Slater was ordained as a Ruling Elder at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Brookton WA.  Below is an interview with him by Sharon Williams which appeared in the local newspaper.

 Sharon – How long have you been a member of the Calvary Presbyterian Church?

Bradley – Close to 23 years. (Both myself and my wife Sarah.)

Sharon – Have you lived in Brookton all your life?

Bradley – I have lived 35 of my 48 years in Brookton while at different times spending 13 years in Perth, Bunbury, Narrogin Esperance and Corrigin.

Sharon – What duties are involved in being a Church Elder?

Bradley – Providing leadership and support to the Church and the Community. Supporting of individuals spiritual, mental, emotional, and material needs. It’s important to me to show the life of Christ through local community engagement and actions. And so much more.

Sharon – How did the interest of becoming a Church Elder arise?

Bradley – Well last year I was asked if I’d like to give it some serious thought by Presbyterian Pastor Clem White, who I’ve known for over 20 years. My father Arthur (Church Elder for over 30 years) also agreed and welcomed this notion, as he is not getting any younger. So with much constant prayer, reflecting, and most importantly Gods guidance, in April of this year I accepted ‘the call’.

Sharon – What did the process involve?

Bradley – 3 stages

Stage 1

  • To be nominated for Elder, & passed, by the Calvary Presbyterian Church Congregation
  • To be accepted & passed by the Calvary Presbyterian Church Session


  • To successfully complete an Eldership course of study, given by a team of Pastors and Elders


  • Ordination and Installation Ceremony

The Ordination Ceremony had a great turnout. The little church was really packed out.  Elders, Pastors, their families, and many friends from our sister churches in Perth came up to celebrate with our little Brookton Presbyterian fellowship. The team who put me through the Eldership Course of Study was Pastor Julian Bull who preached a short sermon, Elder Garry White who gave me an ‘encouraging talk’ then Calvary’s Pastor Clem White who read some biblical vows to me, which I accepted in the presence of God, and the (standing) local congregation members, who witnessed and accepted me as a newly Ordained Church Elder. It was a really humble and moving experience. All Praise to God.

We met next door in the church hall and yarned and fellowshipped together as one. The ladies served us up a bowl of Kangaroo stew and a nice piece of warm damper with plenty of other nice food dishes to choose from. Some of our city folk even enjoyed a second bowl of roo stew and damper for it was very tasty. We finished off with a nice hot cuppa and a choice of various cakes. Thank you to all involved, it truly was a great day of coming together and rejoicing, and most importantly, we give all the thanks to God.

Sharon – What are your plans now for the Calvary Presbyterian Church as an Elder?

Bradley – It’s early days yet but my plans as a Church Elder have begun with me accepting that there is so much more responsibilities and expectations that comes with this position. I look forward to the future challenges and experiences. I thank God that I am growing in faith through trials that I could not bear on my own. I am a huge believer in reconciliation which promotes working and walking together towards a prosperous and harmonious community.  I plan to just take one day at a time supporting the Church programs, our local community events, and various committees. I will also be involved in wider church activities and programs run through our Presbytery and National assembly meetings throughout the year.

Thankyou Sharon for the invitation to share this local story with our wonderful community of Brookton, and for submitting it to the Brookton Telegraph Team to run. Through this simple offer I have gained some courage and may share a regular short article on life’s issues in general and some local positive things going on. It will be a challenge but I believe I am up for it and may it be inspiring to our community.


The afternoon was a great time of fellowship with locals and visitors.  The food and hospitality was excellent and I enjoyed the opportunity to experience the locally prepared kangaroo and damper.

Ciao for now from the Brookton Roving Reporter.