In 1949, Mary Jones, daughter of an evangelical Presbyterian minister went to minister to the aboriginal people in the country district of Brookton, 180km east of Perth. After calls for assistance from the World Presbyterian Missions, Barbara and David Cross were sent to WA in 1970 to work in Brookton. They also started a Bible study in Perth which eventually resulted in the first WPC congregation at Caversham. The congregation later moved to Koongamia and was pastored by Warren Myers. In 1978 the church moved to Maida Vale under the pastoral care of Derek Jones. The Brookton church then became known as the Calvary Presbyterian Church.

For a detailed account of the early years of WPC, read ‘Westminster Presbyterian Church – 25 Years On’, edited by Mark Mayhill.

In the 1980’s, churches were established in Queensland and New South Wales. The first denominational Synod was held in 1990 in Perth.

In 2019, the 23rd National Assembly of the Westminster Presbyterian Church was held at Crosswords Church in Armadale (WA). Over 35 commissioners were present, representing churches in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and Myanmar.